PhD Award

Turku Cancer Research Society PhD Thesis of the Year -Award

Turku Cancer Research Society invites applications for the annual PhD Thesis of the Year Award. The award (300 €) is sponsored by Pharmatest Services Ltd. The purpose of the award is to highlight talented early career researchers and the impact of cancer research conducted in Turku.

Call for applications is now closed.
Next call for applications will open in autumn 2020! The winner 2019 will be contacted by 5th of November.

Eligibility criteria:

  • The candidate has received a PhD or an MD-PhD degree from University of Turku or Åbo Akademi University between 1.7.2018 and 30.6.2019
  • The subject of the thesis is related to treatment, diagnosis, or biology of cancer

The Award will be presented in the  30th Anniversary Symposium of Turku Cancer Research Society, 27thof November 2019.

Hall of Fame

Winner 2019
PhD Teemu Daniel Laajala “Modeling and prediction of advanced prostate cancer”

Winner 2018
PhD Sofia Aakko “MicroRNA-mediated regulation of mitosis and taxane sensitivity in breast and ovarian cancer”

Winner 2017
MD, PhD Andreina Kero “Late mortality and cardiovascular morbidity after cancer at a young age in Finland”

Winner 2016
PhD Julia Misiorek “The role of keratin intermediate filaments in the colon epithelial cells”

Winner 2015
PhD Jenni Mäki-Jouppila “To divide or not to divide; MicroRNAs and small compounds as modulators of mitosis”